Custom Design

Taylor Made Jewelry is known for their expert custom design. Does the thought of creating a custom design seem overwhelming? Relax! We will walk you through the process and make it a fun experience.

Here’s how it happens


  1. We’ll take your ideas and show you styles we have in the store that are similar to help with visualization.
  2. We look at the stones you have or choose the stone or stones you want to use in your creation, ie: diamonds or colored stones.
  3. We take all the ideas and sketch out a concept
  4. We get a minimum deposit of $300 which is applied to the final price of the finished piece.
  5. We create a Computer Aided Design “CAD” so you will be able to see what your creation will look like in 3 dimensions.
  6. We make any adjustments to the design you desire.
  7.  The CAD is finalized and a firm quote is given and ready for approval
  8. Upon approval an additional deposit is combined with the initial $300 deposit to equal 1/2 of the finished piece price.
  9. 4-6 weeks later your dream becomes a reality! (Some designs require less time and can be completed in as little as 2 weeks)

Come See For Yourself